Monday, Aug 14, 2023
contact lenses

Measures to take when wearing contact lenses this season

August 13, 2023 20:30 IST

Contact lenses should be completely avoided if our eyes are feeling dry, itchy, red and irritated, says Dr Neeraj Sanduja, ophthalmologist, and eye surgeon

World Organ Donation Day is celebrated on August 13 every year. (Source: Getty Images/ Thinkstock)

World Organ Donation Day: Debunking the myths around organ donation

August 13, 2023 17:30 IST

There are several myths surrounding organ donation that can create misunderstandings. Here are seven common myths about organ donation, which need to be debunked and their corresponding facts.


Choice of arm for second Covid jab could influence immune response, new research says

August 13, 2023 16:20 IST

The study was performed in 303 never-infected individuals (aged 24-55), of whom 147 received the second Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine dose on the ipsilateral side and 156 on the contralateral side.

organ donation

World Organ Donation Day: Here’s what you need to know before you pledge your organs

August 13, 2023 14:10 IST

Every year, the World Organ Donation Day is celebrated on August 13 to sensitise people of the need to donate organs and save lives. The day is a wonderful chance for everyone to make a decision to donate their priceless organs.

organ transplant

World Organ Donation Day 2023: How and why blood group, antigen compatibility matters for a successful transplant

August 13, 2023 10:20 IST

This World Organ Donation Day, observed every year on August 13, experts tell us about all the factors that need to be considered for a successful match

blue legs long covid

Unusual case of ‘blue legs’ in long Covid patient seen, a Lancet research reports

August 12, 2023 19:25 IST

A minute after standing, his legs began to redden and became increasingly blue over time, with the veins becoming more prominent, the study from the University of Leeds, UK, said

chhavi mittal

Chhavi Mittal shares health update: ‘Not all days are good’

August 12, 2023 13:30 IST

"I am sharing my experience because life throws curveballs, yet mental resilience is vital," she said


How much blood loss is normal during periods?

August 12, 2023 10:20 IST

Dr Phani Madhuri, Senior Consultant, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Apollo Cradle and Children's Hospital, Jayanagar, Bangalore, said there's no need to worry if you're losing more blood than normal in some cycles as there are some factors like polyps, endometrium ovary and hyperthyroidism that affect it.


Practising these 8 habits can increase your lifespan, says study

August 12, 2023 09:10 IST

According to Shuchin Bajaj, Founder Director, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals, lifestyle changes can indeed have a significant impact on one's lifespan and overall health but the extent to which these lifestyle changes can increase lifespan may vary from person to person.

Goji berries possess anti-ageing properties, a notable component known as betaine has been shown to suppress the formation of wrinkles and collagen damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

From diabetes to eye health: Add goji berries to your diet for several health benefits

August 11, 2023 18:00 IST

"Goji berries contain long-chain carbohydrates, which are also called polysaccharides. These compounds play a role in regulating blood sugar in the most effective manner and help treat type 2 diabetes," explained nutritionist Lovneet Batra


Nutrition Alert: Here’s what a 100-gram serving of radish contains

August 11, 2023 17:30 IST

Radish is low in calories, high in fibre and a good source of vitamin C, according to Pavithra N Raj, chief dietician at Manipal Hospital, Bengaluru.

Heart disease has long been the top killer in the nation and the world.

COVID-19 took a toll on heart health and doctors are still grappling with how to help

August 11, 2023 13:20 IST

A post-infection link to heart damage isn’t that surprising, Verma noted. She pointed to rheumatic fever, an inflammatory reaction to untreated strep throat –- especially before antibiotics were common -- that scars the heart's valves.


Depression isn’t just sadness – it’s often a loss of pleasure

August 11, 2023 11:30 IST

Known as anhedonia, this symptom is present in up to 75% of adults and young people with depression. But despite how common this symptom is, it remains one of the most difficult symptoms to treat and manage

malabar spinach

What is Malabar spinach and why have it this monsoon season?

August 12, 2023 10:25 IST

Even it is a good source of 1.5 times more carotene than kale, said Dr Ushakiran Sisodia, registered dietician and clinical nutritionist

period pain

Understanding normal (and abnormal) period pain

August 11, 2023 08:20 IST

You might feel that very painful periods are the norm. However, really bad menstrual cramps are not normal. Severe period cramps can signal an underlying problem. So, we turned to an expert to understand everything you need to know about period cramps and how to manage them.

eye health

Myth or fact: You can naturally get rid of spectacles with a few tweaks

August 10, 2023 21:40 IST

Vision improvement relies on proper eye care, nutrition, and professional guidance from experts, said Dr Narahari Yamjala, senior cataract and refractive surgeon, Maxivison Eye Superspeciality Hospitals, Hyderabad


What happens to your body when you give up refined flour (maida) for a month?

August 12, 2023 10:25 IST

According to Nupuur Patil, a nutritionist, when you completely give up maida for a month, several changes can potentially occur in your body

water toxicity

What is water toxicity, which killed a mom of 2?

August 10, 2023 17:00 IST

Dr Somnath Gupta, consultant physician and diabetologist, Yashoda Hospitals Hyderabad, said water toxicity or water intoxication occurs when you take excess amounts of water, which can lead to electrolyte imbalance mainly sodium in your body


What to keep in mind when planning to conceive in the next 6-12 months?

August 10, 2023 15:00 IST

Fertility is a whole-body event and not just something that happens in the fallopian tubes, said Dr Shobha Gupta, medical director and IVF expert


Lead: How and why lead is harmful to health?

August 10, 2023 13:20 IST

At high concentrations, lead is known to wipe out populations of micro-organisms, thereby slowing down decomposition of matter


Are there foolproof measures to protect your brain health?

August 10, 2023 09:10 IST

Factors such as exercise, sleep, social interactions, and stress management synergise to create a holistic foundation for optimal brain function, said Dr Parth Lalcheta, consultant neuro and spine surgeon, HCG Hospital, Rajkot

Lean proteins are protein sources that have a lower fat content compared to their traditional counterparts.

These lean protein-rich foods will help you shed weight

August 10, 2023 08:20 IST

Dr D P Singh, Consultant Internal Medicine, Regency Superspeciality Hospital, said, when you consume lean proteins, your body expends energy to digest and absorb the nutrients, leading to a temporary increase in metabolism and calorie burning.


Consuming sugary drinks daily linked with higher risk of liver cancer and disease in women

August 9, 2023 21:40 IST

The researchers looked at self-reported liver cancer incidence and death due to chronic liver disease such as fibrosis, cirrhosis, or chronic hepatitis, which were further verified by medical and/or death records

Hazelnuts are packed with various nutrients, including vitamin E, which is important for healthy skin and immune function.

Nutrition alert: Here’s what a 28 gram serving of hazelnuts contains

August 9, 2023 17:30 IST

Hazelnuts contain unsaturated fats, including oleic acid, which is beneficial for heart health. These fats help lower (bad) cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

binge eating

Here’s how to understand when your body is feeling full

August 9, 2023 16:30 IST

If you're someone who does not understand whether you are over-eating or under-eating, it is highly likely that you fail to realise when you feel full.  Even though not intentional, both over-eating and under-eating can have repercussions on your body.